Pummare pizzeria napoletana roma prati

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Pizza napoletana

La vera pizza napoletana a Roma


Visit our promotions page to learn about the latest offers and opportunities that the restaurant and pizzeria offer to both private and business customers! Our goal is to offer the best value for money and the most interesting initiatives in the field of Neapolitan funicular, just a few meters from the Vatican Museums!
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When we decided to open a Pizzeria Restaurant Neapolitan in Roma we wondered what we could offered to our customers and we agreed that our goal should be based on the highest quality with maximum ease.

To achieve it we envisioned a truly home cooking combined with rigorous selection of raw materials, always seasonal, and always respecting the territorial and local production.

Our mission is to combine the simplest ingredients with appetizing flavors.

Aperitif at 6€, lunch set menu at 9 €.


2 hours of guarded parking included
starting from 19:00

From Sunday to Thursday 12:30-15:30 and 19:30-23:00
From Friday to Saturday 12:30-15:30 and 19:30-23:30
Try the special menu of the sunday lunch!

Tuesday through Saturday from 18:00 to 20:00 with happy hour from 19:00 to 20:00
(the second drink is half price)


    Il personale

    Il Direttore
    The director

    Son of restaurateurs, Massimo grows at a restaurant in the heart of Rome, where he starts taking his first steps in the catering sector. He immediately understands that this is his root. After working in restaurants and pubs in Rome, he shows soon to be ready for the big jump. He runs various restaurants in Rome, before taking up the reins of Pummarè.

    Lo Chef
    lo chef
    The chef

    Gianpiero, after a diploma from the Hotel school, enters the kitchen at the age of 14. He works in Milan, Capri, London, Rimini and Lucerne, before arriving in Rome. While working, he puts care and passion into each dish, playing with the raw materials and the contrasts, in search of balance between opposites.

    Il Maître
    Le Mâitre

    Diego began his adventure in the restaurant at the age of 13 years. After completing his high school and began university studies in those marketing and communication he decides to continue his training in restorative attending master’s degree in management enogastrononomico and subsequently internship in F & B manager. PummaRè is transformed into operational what has been learned during their studies and continue in what is his greatest passion: Food.

    Il Pizzaiolo
    The pizza-maker

    Born in 1976, the Neapolitan blood, visceral passion for pizza. Here in a few words who is the Master Pizzaiolo Giuseppe Lusinga. Just 13 years inziò to get their hands dirty in one of the oldest pizzerias in the historic center of Naples, learning the basic rules of the white art. The choice of genuine products, unconditional love for his land, brought him here from PummaRe ‘to try every day to bring tradition and passion table “because the pizza is an art and as such should be respected.

    Chef de rang
    Chef de rang

    In 2001, Milena embarks her catering career in Turin, where she works for several pubs and restaurants. In 2013, driven by the desire to give herself a challenge, she moves to Rome. After various experiences in the Capital, she enjoys Pummarè, where she has established herself as a reference point in the hall, thanks to her personality and professionalism.