wi-fi free zone

A few meters from Piazza Buenos Aires, between the eccentric district of Coppedè and the known district of Parioli, in 2017 was born the Second PummaRe’. The comfortable porch overlooks the dinamic crossroads of residents, professionals, universitary and art lovers ( we are very close to the Macro, a contempèorary art museum). To the frenzy of the business and to the electric climate that is in the air, PummaRe’ respond with the culture of the food, offering accurate dishes,  from the selection of raw material, belonging to the territory, seasonable and of high  quality.

In the internal room, modern and cozy, there are different arches and columns who make possible the subdivision of spaces which allows the guests to enjoy an exclusive atmosphere, quiet and reserved, even perfect for the dinner/or for a meeting out of the office.

The staff’s courtesy, the collected spaces, the great background music, comfortable sofas, the Chef and the Mastro Pizzaiolo’s creative inspiration, turn a quick lunch break into a moment of relax, and make it perfect for a dinner.