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Massimo Colaiori – Director

Restaurateurs’ son, Massimo grows up in a restaurant in Roma’s heart, where he began to work in this sector. He immediately understood that this was his way. He did different experience in many restaurant and locals of Rome. He also began to direct different catering until he landed to PummaRe’.

Simone Ledda – Deputy director

Roman, a real professional of the sector, Simone had an authentic passion for the restaurants since he was younger. He didn’t follow the footsteps of his business family and he faced, with devotion, a long and complete training. His experience is  in the cocktail bar field, then he began a sommelier and at last he specializes as room director.

Meanwhile he did some abroad experience, in Spain first and then in London.

In Italy, he’s been manager for an important sector’s brand.

How it happens to the most brilliant and dynamic people, the need of a change bring Simone to PummaRe’, where he can finally do what he likes: be in touch with the clients and be part of the creative aspect of the restaurant.

Simone Cucciari – Deputy director  

Simone began his career when he was 16 years old as a waiters.  Ended the scientific high school, he collaborated with one of the most important locals of the sector in Milan. Driven by the desire to get involved he landed to PummaRe’. Young, smiley and professional, he is the new landmark for our customers in the dining room.

Giampiero Pascucci – Chef

Just who is inspired by a strong passion can emphasize something precious thanks to his own experience and creativity. Gianpiero does that everyday. His course of study began in 1998, when he graduated from the Culinary Institute of Avellino and goes on with a growing career in important structures in Rome, such as the “Rooftop” restaurant  at the Hassler Hotel, and international, at the “Il Tintoretto” restaurant in Switzerland. His ability are amazing and for these reason today he is the Executive Chef of PummaRe’.

 Andrea Ricciardi – Chef

Andrea began his professional journey  when he was just a lad, as a student in the Culinary Institute of Fiuggi, one of the most important of Lazio. After his graduation he returned in his city of Frosinone, where he decided to express his cooking with elements  belonging of his environment. For different years, excluded two years in Bologna, he remains tied to the Ciociaria, until he arrived in Rome, where he worked for a few years in the kitchen of a five stars Hotel.      He brings passion to PummaRe’,creativity but also reliability and organization skills, with just one goal: have satisfied customers.

Giuseppe Lusinga – Mastro Pizzaiolo

Born in 1976, Neapolitan blood, and a huge passion for Pizza. That’s how we describe the Mastro Pizzaiolo Giuseppe Lusinga in a few words. When he was just 13 he began to work in one of the oldest pizzerie from the old town of Naples. Choosing genuine products, the love for his land, brings him to PummaRe’ where he bring everyday his passion in every dish “because pizza is art as such needs respect”.