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PummaRe’ was born in 2013 in one of the most beautiful district of Rome, the Rione Prati.

Next to the Vatican Museum and the Basilica of San Pietro, by way of Piazza Risorgimento and Via Cola di Rienzo, the Capital’s heart of the shopping, Prati is a district where Rome shows off its elegance and refinement, preserving the spirit of home and familiarity that makes its unique.

The Quartiere Prati’s soul is perfectly combined with the philosophy of PummaRe’,which offer a comfortable atmosphere and a refined cuisine but at the same time authentic and genuine. Perfect to fulfill the needs of its customers, PummaRe’ is ideal for a tasty dinner with soft lights but also for a quick and light meeting lunch.

The exclusive position, raised from the street ( we are situated above the Mercato Trionfale) it’s made unique by the wide terrace who face Via Andrea Doria, a real oasis of peace able to host two hundred diners, and is also perfect for an aperitif at sunset or for unforgettable events.

Inside, the harmony between the tradition and modernity elements, makes the room comfortable and cozy, embellished by the magnific wood oven, a visible position where the Mastro Pizzaiolo Lusinga, prepares and churns out the real Neapolitan Pizza.


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