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Buffalo mozzarella for Neapolitan pizza

PDO Buffalo mozzarella from Campania is one of the main ingredients of a true Neapolitan pizza. It is a fresh dairy product made of spun paste, obtained from buffalo whole milk. According to the protocol included in Presidential Decree 28/9/1979, only buffalo milk can be used to
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napolitan pizza history

Neapolitan Pizza’s history

PummaRe, the real Neapolitan pizzeria in Rome, tells Neapolitan Pizza’s history. Neapolitan Pizza’s History The synonym used to describe pizza and the art of pizza was completed in Naples in 1889, when a young pizzamaker, by showing himself to a party held by King Umberto I,
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Carbonara pasta: originally American, Italian by adoption.

Creamy, scented and juicy: whatever the interpretation is -be it classic or gourmet-, whenever we talk about Carbonara pasta we talk about Rome, its alleys and the festive din made by its people gathered in local trattorias. Yet, looking back on the past, in the “Talismano della
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